:rolleyes: have a simple question. my Emachine will not proceed to clean C: drive. it just hangs at 3 bars for ever. it is a 2.167 ghz. athon w/ wxp pro. sp1. 30 gb maxtor diamond max. 7200 rpm hdd. whats the deal? can do a defrag. w/ no issues though. is there another process other than going directly to my computer on my desktop then to my C: drive to perform this?;)

I have seen some that sits for quite awhile how long do you give it.also try it in safemode.

safe mode is a good idea to try it. to get to safe mode the easy way:

Turn on computer get into windows and turn off the computer with the power button, if it doesnt go to the choice selection do the process again till it comes to a choice menu. At the choice menu, select "start windows in safe mode" once you get into windows it will look a little different. open the program the normal way.

If this does not work it may have a virus.

:) thanks for the input guys. did'nt think of using safemode. i let it sit for about 20 minutes & still nothing. my laptop does it in 3 minutes, everything. talking about viruses, my laptop got attacked awhile back. defender pro i believe took care of it. don't know for sure. i shut the site down the site the minute it came up. my other pc in the bedroom got a trojon virus awhile back too. the virus on the laptop was not a trojon.the Emachine in our living room does not have any kind of virus what so ever. has pleanty of space left on it. do i need to take my documents off the desktop to make it any faster? it has 464 mb's on it w/ 50 folders.:cool:

documents won't take up resources just certain apps and windows.when your booted up hit ctrl - alt -del keys and in aplications look at the bottom and see what the CPU usage is.

thats a new procedure for me. never heard of that before. afraid to try it.

wont hurt. do control alt-delete (like you do when something crashes) and choose the processes tab. There will be a liist showing how much CPU and ram each process uses

Ever try using virus protection software?

did use windows live safety on my laptop last night & cleaned up unwanted files in temp folder. going to try it on the Emachine if i can get my wife off of it. she makes me mad when i do anything to it & is afraid she will lose all her emticons & junk from her incredimail & chat sessions online. i use defender pro on all 3 of my pc's. would'nt have it any other way. i use the toolbox software from it from time to time.

tried using Windows Live Safety cleaning procedure & still won't work.hangs at 10%. should i just get a third party software from someone? no viruses. did a Defender Pro scan & alls ok. wife is getting concerned cause it gets slow at times. it has alot of space left on the hdd. more than 3/4. she merely uses it for her chat on her blogs. do use it for all our email too.have alot of document files also. i got to figure something out quick. have a 100 gb maxtor i'd like to install in it as soon as possible. just want to make sure everything is good before i do a transer of all my stuff, files etc. she started her own blog page on one of her fibro links. its on Yahoo 360 page. any more help is greatfully appreciated.

one thing i forgot to mention, i'm running Windows XP PRO SP1. tried installing WXP SP2 awhile back & did'nt work for some reason. is that the reason why it won't scan using sp1?

Had a problem a while back using XXClone freeware software trying to access folders on the target hdd.
Still at no avail trying to retrieve the folders from it causing my machine & others using a usb device to access them.
Shuts down any machine I try to access them from no matter what.
Have to back in & reset the bio's to get them back up & going.
XXclone has no support for the freeware & they will not offer me any support so i'm stuck for now.
Hdd works fine except some clicking noise but can see the drive in Vista or XP machines.
Back to the drawing board soon as I have time to investgate the problem.