Ok well i have a few hard drives that i need to put windows xp on
the first hard drive has windows ME on it
the secound one has windows 98 on it
the therd one had windows 98 on it
the fourth one had windows xp on it then the compute crashed

do you think i could put XP on all of them like im not sure how it will work can i upgrade all these to xp

ps i cant really turn any of the hard drives on they all have problems

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If you are unsure of the state of the hdd go to the manufacturers web site and download their diagnostic program, most of these are designed to be transfered to a floppy to boot from.

If you know the drives are good I would download a free trial of WipeDrive and wipe the drive, use the XP installation disc to format and partition the hdd, and then install the OS.

Unless you have a multiple use license for that XP I wouldn't put it on any machine other than the original one it was used in, M$ won't recognize it as a legitimate copy. As for putting it on all of you hdds, once again...you aren't going to get updates if it's not recognized. You can put it on as many as you want at home, just don't go on line with them. If I were you I would keep the best two and put the OS on one and use the other as a slave.

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