Hi guys. Just wanted to toss this one out there while I'm searching for a fix for this. I have a customer who is having problems with their internet. He has XPhome. When you launch IE it comes up and tries to connect, then the C:\windows error comes up for dns error the usual if you cannot connect to the internet. But when that comes up suddenly IE tries to connect with a bunch of search sites and it can't connect. It just cycles through about 4 or 5 search sites, very quickly and will not stop until I make it stop with a slight degree of difficulty. Some of the things that stick out are ignsearch. I've checked for ignsearch and find nothing. I've removed large amounts of crap from this PC in hopes of getting it out, but no good. I think it is something like lop.com, but I can not figure it. Any suggestions?

Ok. Figured out the ignsearch thing. It's a plugin on IE that enables you to surf just by using words. So if I type in credit card in the address bar, credit card sites should come up. So anyways, they pointed me to igetnet.com and there I found a removal tool. Removed ignsearch from the PC and now it doesn't flash those webpages when trying to connect. It still however does not connect to the internet. Checked all connections and settings and everything seems fine. Suggestions?