Hi All,

I am getting problem in installing application on Vista platform.

We have one application named "Computerease"which correctly installed on all the machine except vista with creating proper shortcuts on desktop.However the application installtion completed in Vista machine but shortcut is not created on desktop and after completion of application message Like "application may not installed correctly.............".With error messgae and some option in that is is coming after installation
"Install using recommended settings" and i proceed with this option but still i am at the same situation.

I have serached some folders and path but unfortunately that application is installed in games path i.e. after opening games explorer i have seen their shortcut:lol: .

I have tried to install vista updater package i.e. "Windows6.0-KB929427-x86.msu" and i am getting the message like this "the update does not apply to your system".

I have also enabled encryption file system properties on vista machine.But after that also i am on same condition.

Please let us know the ideas how to fix this issue because i am trying to solve this issue from one week.

Thanks in advance.


Try right-clicking on the installation executable and clicking "run as administrator". also while installing it, try changing its install path to "C:\program files\computerease\" if it isn't already.

If that still doesn't work, and you don't mind totally lowering your system security temporarly because this is a mission critical program and you trust it explicitly, you can go to www.tweak-uac.com and download tweak uac. That has the power to disable the user account control on Vista which some older programs that sloppily want to copy, place, and change files anywhere they please on the OS drive have problems with.

If it still fails, answer that it installed correctly to the prompt. Go to the programs folder and try to open it from there. If the program won't run, your only hope is from the program vendor's website. They may have an update to the program that allows it to run on Vista.

If that doesn't work then you are more than likely out of luck for that particular program until the vendors make a new version of it.

Thanks for the reply.

We are looking into your suggested solutions.

And we let you know which of it worked .

Thanks again.