Hey guys i am having problems with WinAso Registry Optimizer and Registry Mechanic 6, as the come up with 200+ errors for deep scan but when fixing the it come up with a message they are protect by Windows does anyone else have the same problem or is just my system?
any suggestions on a Registry Utility?

Thanks guys

just use the command prompt to clean the registry, i try to stay away from those registry utilities, especailly if i'm using vista.

Yeah, dont use XP system tools with Vista. They can break your system.

true for what jbennet said. microsoft revamped the UI, and most of the default registry options have changed.

While i don't recommend doing it, if you unlock the true admin account, you can log in as a full administrator. If anything will help it work, that will.

Yeah, the reason most of the reg hacks dont work is that the permissions on all the keys has been changed (if not moved/removed altogether). Word of warning about the superuser account though. While your on it dont do anything. Dont start MSN. Dont open IE. Its a security Risk. Do what you gotta do and log out.

it's not hard to login as administrator, just right click my computer, manage, users, right click administrator and set the password, log off, and back in.

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