In windows task manager i have a program running called viewmgr.exe i dunno what it is. It's in my program files too called viewpoint, i've just noticed it recently. Could anyone could tell me what this is for and if its something to do with windows? Thanks alot

Thanks for the help, i had a feeling it was spyware. I think i might have some more on my computer there's something in my program files and it's called incredifind? there's nothing in the folder but a text document and a dll file. Also i have netmeeting? but i think i might need that. An quicksearch? What's xerox? i heard you need that. I'm just listing all of these cause a while back i was downloading something off the web and it got connected to another server somehow and fucked up my computer an installed stuff in it. Thanks alot.

If you feel like you have more spyware, do as dlh6213 suggested and look through those threads and if you still need help, post your hijackthis log in the Security forum. You might also want to watch your language when posting in the forums....I understand it may have been a little slip-up, but in the future try to be careful as it shows more respect to those who view your thread. Good luck in getting your computer fixed. :)