Need help with windows xp please.

Windows will not start up. Get the following message

Checking file system on c:

The type of file system is FAT32

One of your diss needs to be checked for consistency
You may cancel the disk check, but it is strongly recommended that you continue

Volume Serial Number is 334B-15DE

Once the check has completed, the windows logo appears, then the computer reboots, and the whole process starts over

Reboot using the windows xp cd, and reinstal windows. This should fix any errors that might be the cause of the problem.

O and make sure you read the instructions, dont blame me for formatting your computer:!:

If all else fail and only if all else fail format the computer - all data will be lost, but if you install your windows xp your problem will be fixed.

Hope this help.

Ooooo... reinstalling windows is a big gun.. a huge step. i tremble at the thought of doing it without an image to load. try this:
===Restart you computer in Safe Mode:- press F8 several times while POST is running and before IDE detection completes.
- On the Windows Advanced Options Menu, select Safe Mode with Command Prompt and press Enter.
- When the Boot Menu appears again, select Microsoft Windows XP and press Enter.
- Log in by using the Administrator account and password. NOTE: The password is blank by default unless you set a password.
See if you can run chkdsk command successfully in Safe Mode. [ chkdsk c: /f ]
If that passes, then run sfc /scannow
[have your XP install CD handy to insert when it asks for it, or you may load it before you start the scan].

I had that problem, and had a bad link in the allocation table that crosslinked two files on the hard disk. I ran the disk checker from Windows Explorer:

[+] My Computer / (rightmouse) Local Disk C / Properties / Tools / Error Checking.

It separated the two files, copying its common tail to both files.

One of the files was a system file, but it was undamaged.

The other was a .gif file I had been editing when the power failed about a month earlier. If I had tried to edit that file again before I did the check, it would have destroyed the system file.