When I booted up my Acer, I couldn't get into windows, it was stuck at "Verifying DMI pool data.....". I refreshed the CMOS by taking out the battery and putting it back in after a couple miniutes. Now my moniter display does not display anything and I do not know what to do. Can anyone help?
Edit: The beeps are one long, two short. According to Bios Central, this means that :"An error was encountered in the video BIOS ROM, or a horizontal retrace failure has been encountered" How can I fix this?

Could be the battery is bad or not making contact.

The video card may have failed.

The CMOS may have been glitched when you put the battery in, and has bad data. Try again.

I'm guessing the second one. Because I repeatedly removed and reinserted my battery. I even, at one point, held it down while turning it on. I'm going to try again later with some pliers.

What make is your BIOS?

I'll get back to you on that. The BIOS is Acer exclusive and I'll get the info later. I removed the battery and tried to boot it up. This time, instead of an empty screen, it started to boot normally. It still hung at the DMI Pool data screen but now there was a new line under it. IT said "K8 NPT Data change...... Update new data to DMI!" What's this now? (Googling this after I post)

That means the BIOS CMOS RAM has forgotten everything about your computer. It's asking if you want to copy the (now garbage) in the CMOS RAM to a file. Don't!

Okay then. Now I can boot it and it hangs at Verifying DMI Pool table.....
I'm just going to use a trick to get around this for now until I can fix this.
The trick I use is going to the boot menu and booting from the hard drive. I don't know why, but it works.

hi I have same problem, after I put a new videocard Geforce 9500 in my Acer AX3200 I got error on boot but it continued to boot fine, then after windows logon screen it would give bluescreenof death and restart.
In safemode it works fine.
Removed Vidoecard (it needed 350v and my powersupply is 220v) and it dose the same.
I reset bios to default settings and same problem...
any fixes?? thanks.