Long time no post.

OS: Windows XP Home
Location: Mesquite, TX

My aunt's computer has been having prolems lately; Pop-ups and network issues.

Pop-ups: There have been a number of pop-ups that have been happening when she is opening Incredimail, going to Hotmail or doing anything else. It is also changing her home page. Right now she has Yahoo! Companion on just to block what she can. Any ideas on how to correct this?

Network Issues: She is on a home network and has been for quite a while. One day she did something to stop her son from messing with her music file. What she did not realize was that she did this to all of her shared folders and she can not undo it. My uncle has taken a look at it as well (he set up the network) and still can not figure out the problem. We know that the MAKE THIS FOLDER PRIVATE box is checked and greyed out. Any ideas?

Also the computer keeps giving a message : VIRTUAL MEMORY IS LOW.