I just reinstalled windows xp 2004 sp2 and since installing , I have been seeing the screen changing into a bluish colour , then a bit darkish and hardly normally lit . I think it might be an attraction of the news winxpsp2 but it's hampering my workings . I don't know how to change the colour settings of my graphics card .

The programs you are using are only Bata are they not ,windows sp2 isn't releast yet ,so you are bound to have problems .

Anyway right click on the desktop choose properties ,go to settings ,then advanced .for you graphics

Have you actually got the Service Pack2 Release Candidate or Beta version installed? Are you simply assuming that it's SP2 because some of the 'Hotfixes' which have been installed from Windows Update are marked (SP2)?

If your system is actually Service Pack 1 plus recent updates, then you may not have correctly installed your motherboard and display card drivers correctly (or forgotten to install them altogether) Install them again, just to be sure!