I got on today and noticed that my taskbar was at the default size, I usually keep mine one size larger. I later found out that none of my sound works, so I ran AVG anti-spyware and it found a Hijacker.Small. It deleted it but its effect are still presnt. I get the "There are no active mixer devices available." message, Ive tried re-installing sndvol32.exe in my system32 file. That didn't work at first but after restarting computer it worked for a minute or so. Now its giving me the message again and I'm also noticing that every 10 minutes or so my taskbar will revert to the Classic Windows style instead of XP style.

Sorry I haven't been able to reply, but I ran AVG again, it picked it up again, and now eveything seems to be fine. THanks for being helpful though ^^

The most effective way to run the scan is in safe mode, try that. You also may want to try downloading and running Ccleaner.