Is it possible to use a Dell Windows XP Home Edition on a non Dell PC? I tried, it let me do everything with the install. Did not ask me for keycode, but it boots as far as the blue screen with the Windows XP logo. It then seems to hang. Is there anyway to get past this point?

I'm sorry, but your question is explicitly asking for assistance with a task which contravenes the license conditions for the product you are trying to install. What you are trying to do is illegal, and it would be wrong of us to allow discussion of it to continue.

You should obtain a legitimate OS for your PC.

I'm closing the topic.

Edit: foxvalleymarv contacted me, explaining that the laptop his copy of Windows was supplied with was destroyed, and that he was under the impression that he could now use the Windows CD with another PC, because it was his.

That's not the case, I'm afraid. The OEM edition of Windows supplied with the laptop has a license which is limited to the machine it was originally supplied with.

Indeed, this is the case.

Dell-branded OS media is BIOS locked, anyways-- it's not supposed to be usable on other machines.