Hey all,

Having a little trouble starting windows as of last night. I came to turn on the computer and the usual screens came up, until i got to the windows loadscreen (blue load bar) which just remained as though loading....forever.

Anyway, came to it again this morning and the problem persists. The blue bar just continues to be 'loading' even though windows doesn't start and i can't access my desktop.

The normal options of the 3 safe modes, last known good config, and start windows normally appear, the last two of which do not work.

I've tried system restore to a couple of days ago and also to a point last week, both of which came to the increasingly infamous never-ending blue load bar.

I'm running a virus check in safe mode as we speak and have removed all cookies, files and history from both mozilla firefox and internet explorer.

If this doesn't work does anyone have any suggestions on what to do while in safe mode in order to get the blue load bar to finish and the desktop to appear???

thanks to all in advance,

the ever infuriated Sam.

While in Safe mode start chkdsk with parameter /f ... If that reports no errors then run sfc /scannow with your XP installation CD in the drive.

Usually when you get this issue. There is a device Windows is having an issue loading.

This can happen with a stuck key on the keyboard. Try unplugging your keyboard
first and restart. If it successfully goes into windows try cleaning your keyboard. Turn upside down and tap the bottom to loosen the stuck key.

However if you are not able to boot into normal mode it you should also check the device manager for any conflicts.

Conflicts will show and exclamation mark or listed as Other devices. Remove any and restart to have the driver reloaded.

Somtimes just a little loose USB cord can cause the operation system to hang.

Another thing to try is to disconnect all add on devices leaving the orginal system (monitor, PS/2 keyboard PS/2 Mouse) connected.
restart and see if it goes into Normal mode.
If so, add on one device at a time. Shut the system down plug in the printer, restart. If it goes to normal mode. shut down again (do a proper shut dow ie...start, turn off, shut down)

Then add on your NIC/Router and restart.

Keep shuting down plugging in a new device each time until your system shows that there is an error. This will show you what device is having conflicts. Once you have found the device that has the conflict. Then shut the system down. remove the device from the tower. Restart. Remove the pertaining driver if found from device manager. Shut down again. plug in the device. Restart. Reload driver.

Hope that helps.

RueB 2s De

Excellent - basic explanation and help. Thank you .
I had the exact same problem. And was looking for a software problem, Xp driver issue etc.

After reading your comment, and checking all peripherals, I found out that
the KVM switch I had installed (2 PC's on one Keyboard / Mouse / Monitor...) had a bent connector on the Keyboard connector.
Swapping the Keyboard fixed th problem instantly.
Thank you for saving me lots of time...


COOL :-)

Thanks Sam that made my day :-)

Let me know if I can help you further