I am running a desktop pc (XP) on a wireless network. I have just purchased a laptop (Vista). I use outlook express as my email on the desktop, this is where I store my emails. I also store docuiments on the desktop.

My problem is I cant use the laptop for anything and find myself sitting at the desktop for hours on end :-(

I need to access my email and files on the desktop, and be able to also access both these on the laptop. The laptop has windows mail instead of outlook express.

I have managed to access my documents by moving my entire folder into the shared documents folder on the desktop, but have no access to my emails.

I'm really confused and feel like I have just wasted a grand on the laptop. Can anyone help me by offering advise on how to get these 2 pcs working with each other?

Thanks very much :-)


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I'll try and offer some guidance. I have today just done what you appear to trying to do.

1) the bad news - if you are using Outlook Express (OE) then I recommend forgetting about trying to get emails on both machines. Decide which you wnat emails on and stick to it.

OE will down load the emails to which ever one logs on first. Sent emails will be stored on the one you send from - so you will never have the complete picture on either machine.

If you wish to get emails on both which are up to date then you need to think about using Outlook and a remote Exchange Server - then you can use either and both are up to date and synchronised.

2) Files can be shared across the network and used from either machine. From a backup point of view it is worth using files on one machine and copying to other to back them up. Please don't leave them beside each other, in case someone nicks them or other damage like flooding occours.

Hope this helps



I have been at this all night. Your right about the sync with OE. I think I'll have to just confine the desktop to a backup and games machine. Think I'll miss the monitor though... I think I'll look into trying to use the keyboard, mouse and monitor for the laptop. I had hoped I could use both machines, but it looks like I will have the part picture on both machines as you say.



I have solved my compatability issues. I am returning this laptop and have found a machine with XP. At least that lets you print!!!!

Thanks for help

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