Persario got black screen with big white lettering and Windows would not load. I selectd "normal load" nothing happened. Now the only thing on the screen is inter HDD password???? Do not know what that is. That is all that comes up when persario is turned on. What do I do next?

Thanks Dave

Turn your CPU on and hit f8 rapidly, DONT STOP. Eventually you should get the boot menu screen. Choose to boot into safe mode. You should be able to get in and backup your important files (using Cds, floppies, whatever you can) just get your important files backed up! You may never be able to get in again! Now that you have your important files backed up you can try some things. First off, power down your cpu, unplug the power cord from the back, open it up, look for a silver circle that has a + on it. This is called the cmos battery. While your computer is unplugged take the cmos battery out. Put the battery back in. Now there shouldn't be any passwords. If you still cannot get in you may have to format, in which case you should try to get in via safe mode so you can back your stuff up.

1)Reboot your PC and press f8 rapidly
2)Choose to boot into safe mode
3)Backup your important data anyway possible
4)Power Down your PC
5)Unplug the power cable from the back
6)Open the case of your PC
7)Look for the shiny circle with a + on it
8)Remove it from the motherboard
9)Place it back in the motherboard
10)Bootup your PC
11)There shouldn't be any passwords
12)If you still cannot get it, reboot your PC
13)Hit f8 while its booting up
14)Boot into safe mode
15)Backup your data!
16)Format/reinstall your operating system

Hope this helps

Shane McP

when i turn on my laptop the case be on ,but the screen still off
"just black screen without any booting"
what i have to do?
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