Hello , I've got a strange problem, when I see a gif in a site it doesn't move and when i save it , it is saved as gif but not moving. I've tried both IE and firefox and there is the same problem.
And something more, I have some gifs in my pc that work fine.
Do you have any idea what's going on?

You could have animation turned off, either at the browser level (motion bugs some people) or at the Windows level. This is a setting in the properties or options selection, usually in the tools or view menu.

Note that disabling animation in IE can also disable it in other browsers.

Also note that some .gif files are not animated. I have a page containing both at:


In your link nothing moves at propably its because of my browsers, how do i turn motion on????

In IE:

Select tools / internet options / advanced

Then scroll down in the scroll window to:

Play animations in webpage

Check the box.

You have to restart IE for it to take effect.