i just bought a new Frisby illuminated multimedia keyboard & hooked up the usb/ps2 adaptor & was working fine for a day then all of a sudden it quit working. tried plugging in the usb plug & then started flashing on & off continuously. loaded the optional hotkeys drivers that came w/ it no good. when i boot it up it flashes one time then won't work still. these keyboards were manufactured in Europe & releasd to the US since the late 90's. it is a very nice keyboard though. tried getting some support for it & thats why i came here to see if anyone else has encountered this concern before. any help would be greatful. the drivers for it itself automatically loads. wondering if i got ripped off or doing something wrong. i'm running wxppro on a Emachine W3080 worked then stopped working. thats what i'm puzzled about. also checked the plugin.

Sounds like you need to replace the fluorescent bulb inside it. Fluorescent lamps flash on and off at the ends of their lives, and usually do so after about 6000 starts.

But even a new fluorescent light will blink if it is cold. Allow a keyboard brought inside from cold weather to sit at room temperature a couple hours before using it.

no its definate;y not that cause it is brand new right out of the box. it also stops working completely. all keys stop functioning. the light only flashes when the usb cord is plugged into the usb port in the back of pc. read somewhere that i may have to go into bios & change something so the port will work cause i had the usb/ps/2 adaptor plugged into the usb cable & plugged it into the existing keyboard port & it worked for a day.

It could be drawing too much current from the port.

corrected my concern i hope. turned off pc & reinstalled the k.b. w/o loading the software for the hotkeys & all fine now for 2 days w/ no conflicts. thanks for all ya'lls support.

thought i had it fixed but it stopped working again. have read where the bios has to be set for my chipset to recognize the port. still flashes when i plug it in my usb port. was planning on sending it back but thought i would try to fix the problem. something is definately wrong when i use the ps/2 usb adaptor & plug it into the ps/2 port so i'm planning on using the usb port instead if i can figure out how to go into bios & turn on the usb port on the back of my Emachine.

It might be designed to be used with older polled keyboard drivers, instead of the current interrupt-driven ones.

It might be designed to be used with older polled keyboard drivers, instead of the current interrupt-driven ones.

how would i go about getting the drivers for this europe manufactured keyboard? i am running wxppro & i thought it would not need them unless it was running w95 or w98.

It may not work with new systems. It wasn't designed for them.