Im assuming the root of this problem is vista but i could be wrong. I have
a linksys wrv2oo router hooked up to the pc thats running vista. Then I have my laptop that runs xp. The connection to the pc will drop about one to two times an hour. I powercycle the router and the signal comes back. My laptops connection goes out every 20 minutes or so, except it usually doesnt show as being out. The little internet icon in the corner will say Im still connected and my msn will still show me as logged in but pages stop loading in firefox and I no longer recieve messages on msn even though it says Im logged in.
Ive updated the firmware, reset the router,and after talkin to linksys reps (who seem to know nothing) changed the MTU and none of this has made a freaking difference. Help?

it's not vista or windows for that matter, it's probably your rotuer. there's been problems with linksys routers that drop connections, or for whatever reason don't work, so if you still have the warranty, i'd try to exchange it for a new one, or i'd buy a new one