Hi Every1

I had a 256MB DDR ram. Now i
added another 256MB SD Ram and a SonyDVD Writer,but
now when i switch on my computer
before the windowsXP loading screen
appears I get the following error msg

CMOS Checksum Error- Defaults Loaded

Press F1 to continue or DEL to enter Setup

When I press F1, Windows is started but
the time and date is not correct, so everytime
I need to correct my Date and Time.....

How can I solve this Problem?


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Hi, I had the same problem a week ago and I had to change my motherboard. I had a flood in my basement and my computer was in it. At first my Technicien told me everything was working fine but I did have to change the computer box because it would have rusted. Then I realized I didn't have any sound and I had the same problem your having. Since the new motherboard all is well. I hope this is helping you. Good Luck!:)


CMOS Checksum Error- Defaults Loaded

This type of error usually occurs when the battery of the motherboard it very weak. You can change the battery and check if its working fine.
See this link for more details:

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