Hello, about a week ago I posted a thread asking if my computer was compatibly with blank dvds, and unfortunately it wasn't. However, the nice gentlemen that helped me gave me alternative ideas. I decided to use my friends computer to burn dvd's... and it works fine. However, it takes an enormously long time to burn one, almost 4 to 5 hours... so my question is, it there a device or program out there bent on duplicating dvds? The program we used was a full fledged make it your own dvd, with the final step being exporting the movie to a DVD. But I was thinking, could there be a program that just duplicates a DVD, instead of making it, then creating it? What I'm basically aiming at is speed, does anyone know any quicker ways to burn DVD's if I already have a mastercopy?

Thank you sooooo much! :)

if you are looking to create a lot of the same dvd ,there are dvd duplicators ,although expensive .
It is time consuming ,just last nite i use Nero to convert and burn 5 file about 1 gig in total .im not sure of the total time but would say close to 2 3/4 hrs.there are programs like DVD clone,dvd shrink,dvd decripter and on and on just google search for dvd software.5 hrs is quite long ,but it all depends on speed, like the CPU speed and total ram in you friends computer, and the speed of the disks and the dvd burner you used .

1) some dvds are faster than others, cheap ones = slow and dvd/rws are slower than dvdrs

2) some drives are slow. Sata drives are faster than IDE ones for example

3) some drives (chep/old/notebook) ones are slow

4) some people dont have them configured properley

5) software is nto always set up to use the max speed