hello ,

my step sons computer want take xp on his pc.When i install it when it get to the point where it copy files a message come up the say a error in(netnf3.inf) what that mean?And when it reboots it go through the same screen again instead of startin the windows process.can someone help me?

jay :

What part do you get this message? Is it during the Graphical portion of the install, or during the Text-based pre install stage?

If it's happening during the Graphical stage, then I'd suggest reformatting and trying again. If it's during the text-based portion, you've probably got a bad cd.

i reformated the hd.i get to the point where it say formating and then it start copying files it get to 94% and the message come up(netnf3.innf missing or error one of them) the hd is clean

So this is during the text-based portion? Do you always get that same filename? If that's the case, I'd definitely say it's a bad CD. If you get a different filename every try, it could either be a bad CD drive, bad cables, or even bad memory.

what you mean same file name?

This file[netnf3.inf] is it the same one everytime you get the error .

I would suggest removing all addin cards,like modem .sound ect ect , except the video.and also take the cd and give it a good cleaning .