Hi. I am having trouble loading xp after an update to sp2. Several weeks ago, I did a system recovery to a pre sp2 state. My hard is partitioned with a recovery program. I had updated sucessfully before to sp2 and kept it updated for some time. Now when install sp2, it hangs at a blue xplogo screen and blinks "Please wait............" for hours. I can only get it to boot after restoring to the point before installing sp2. It will load into safe mode. What can I do?

Can you give us more infomation on about your computer.

You also said you have the recovery program on partiton. Is that the windows Revovery program?

Give me more info and i should be able to help to you.

i'll tell what to do cause i never trusted this recovery crap i once had a problem but all i did was inserting the windows xp and booted in the blue screen of booting press R for repair thats what i did and it worked but however this may not wor for you cause you got the recovery i never had the recovery thing and I'll never trust it

I did a fresh recovery, removed all unwanted software, ran virus and adware scans, cleaned the prefetch, ran CCleaner. I then rebooted, created a restore point and shut off all programs running in the task manager including virus protection and firewall. I installed sp2 and it worked.
PC specs: HP Pavillion Windows XP Home Ed. v. 2002
Intel Celeron CPU 2.50 GHz, 2.49 GHz 248 mb RAM
The recovery program came pre-equipped and it is Windows Recovery.
I followed guidelines I found somewhere at http://www.tech-archive.net/Archive/Windows/microsoft.public.windowsupdate/2005-05/msg00016.html, however, I couldn't locate the exact page I used. I did find a page that was much the same at http://www3.telus.net/dandemar/spackins.htm

Well im Glad to see that you fixed it :)

Good day