After updating the virus definitions (7/21/04 update) IE is running slow if Norton auto protect is left on. I'm using NAV 2003. Anyone else having problems. Symantec is not much help. If auto protect is disabled IE runs fine.

this happens to me from time to time ,usually fixed the next time i get updates

New updates installed today. Same result. Whenever I run IE, SYSTEM on Windows Task Manager jumps up to 40 - 50% when auto protect is active. It only goes up to 5% when auto protect is inactive. I've run Spybot S&D and AdAware. A Norton virus scan shows nothing. Any suggestions??? Thanks in advance for any help.

Go to the Security Section of this fourm create a new thread and post a hiojackthis log .Please dont post it here ,Download hijack .

Download 'Hijack This!'.HERE
Download link is on the left

Unzip (extract) it to a folder of its own.Like c:\HJT\hijackthis.exe , Then Doubleclick HijackThis.exe (in the new folder), and hit "Scan".
When the scan is finished, the "Scan" button will change into a "Save Log" button.
Press that, then Ctrl-A to Select All, and copy its contents here. for hijackthis,most of what it lists will be harmless or even essential, don't fix anything yet.
Please close all Open windows programs and Browser windows before you run hijackthis .

I would suggest running 'LiveUpdate' again for Norton. Keep running it until all program component updates are downloaded, and you get the "Thank you for using LiveUpdate' message.

But even more i'd recommend you dump Norton products from your system and start using better alternatives. If you have Norton Internet Security running as well as Norton AntiVirus, I'd suggest you dump that one as a matter of urgency!

Norton products are about the slowest and most resource hungry alternative available, and performance problems have plagued their use year after year!

Catweazle, any suggestions for a good anti-virus program?
Caperjack, will do. Thank you both.

I would personally recommend NOD32 for personal use and Sophos for corporate use. Neither are free!

I second the comments on Norton. I persevered for about a year until I got tired of reinstalling because of corrupted updates etc. Used up to 70-80Mb of memory whilst surfing. I now use EZtrust AV & sygate Pro firewall. Got EZ with the Microsoft update CD. It works well. There is a free for one year deal at the moment on it.

As i surf right now ,navapsvc.exe is using 1120k of mem .
I have to admit that every now and then i get a update that serews a little ,but t he next ones always fixed it .I have had the best luck with nortons over the years .
I got that windows update cd last week ,was going to uninstall nortons just to try EZtrust but decided not to

i had problems too before of slow connection and my norton being disabled logged on to my norton email account and sent them the problem. they email me instructions every time and follow up the problem until it's been fixed. good they fixed it.

follow post #10 and contact norton as he did, and they helped him fix it .

Even i experienced the same please help in this context.


When I had the problem in '04, I took everyone's advice and dumped Norton. I've been using AVG since and have had no issues.