This has happened to me the last 3 times I booted up my pc.
I get a screen that says Checking a file on System C,
then another screen comes up saying "Check Disk Space"
If a driver is identified on Stop Message
disabledriver or check with manufacturer for driver updates, try changing video drivers.
Check for BIOS updates. disable bios memory options such as caching or shadowing.
tech info
STOP 0x0000007e (0xC0000005,0XF881EC27,0XF9F89840,0XF9F89540)


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Give us your detailed system specs please- this has been known to happen with certain hardware drivers Turtle Beach's Santa Cruz sound card for one).

Also- have you changed/added/removed any hardware or software just prior to this happening?

There are quite a few situations which can generate that STOP: error message. For some 'known issues', work through this list of Knowledge base Articles

I would agree that the situation would have resulted from a change to your system which was made prior to the problem arising. You should think back and try to remember any changes you made to software, hardware or settings just before this first happened.

I am running windows XP on a dell pc.
nothing new installed or removed, all I know is that my son was playing some game on the pc and left it running, my wife didn't know the pc was on and shut off the electric switch. The game was still running at that time.

Give us your detailed system specs please

The actual makes/models of your video and audio cards would be of particular help since you've said that the power-down happened during a gaming session.

how can I find out sure what video/audio cards I have.
My pc came from Dell with all the software already loaded.
I did fins a cd titled Santa Cruz Turtle Beach, I couldn't find anything for video

Simply provide the full model number for your Dell. Also, check display properties (right click a blank area of the desktop, choose properties, then
settings. It will say 'xxxxxxx (monitor) on xxxxxxxx (display card)' )

I think we can be quite confident that your Dell is fitted with a Santa Cruz soundcard.

OK, What it said was,
Plug and Play Monitoron 64MB NVIDIA GeForce2 MX with TV out.

Is this what you are looking for ??

Thank you, yes.

Visit Dell's website and download the most recent Windows XP audio driver for the particular model of Dell computer. Visit and download the most recent Windows XP driver for the GeForce display card. Install both and see if the problem persists.

OK This seems to cleared up my problem, Thanks so much for your help again!!!!

Thanks for letting us know. I'll mark your problem 'solved'.

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