Microsoft Office Live Communicator is a very effective conferencing tool which actually works in synchronization with Outlook. We have a corporate global address book for Microsoft Exchange Server.

Now in Communicator u can add contacts by searching a name in the find area. whatever search string u give it does a search through First Name and Last name and provides u with the names who are online and offline. In the contacts area you can create groups which would be the contacts whom you have allowed to contact you.

The thing is whenever you put any search string in the find box it actually does a search thru the global corporate address book and then returns you the result. The problem with me is I'm able to see only the one that are in my personal address book of Outlook 2003.
This makes my task difficult as I many times have to contact people outside my stored address book that time I'm unable to even view if they are online/offline/away in status.

Please help me out in this regard.

PS I have attached a screenshot. The names/contacts/groups have been concealed due to privacy issues.