Sometimes when i close a program the window disappears, but if i try to reopen the program, windows says that it's already running. So I open task manager and try kill the process but it just won't do it. It doesn't even come up with an error message, it says do you really want to end this task, and I click yes and it acts as if it's killed it. But the process is clearly still there and just wont end unless I restart the computer.
This mostly happens with uTorrent, but sometimes others, so I don't know if its a problem with their program or with windows.
Any help would be much appreciated.
Im running windows vista home premium btw.

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both. i end the program but that doesn't end it completely. If i open task manager the program is still showing up there and it won't end no matter how many times i try to kill it. its running invisibly al the time in the background, so if i try to open the program again, windows says its already running.


If you kill the process, that should take care of it, unless the program uses more than one process.


hey, this happens to me too... killing the process from the task manager won't do it... i also tried killing the process tree and not good...

EDIT: sorry for bumping this rather old thread... i didn't notice how old it was... anyways i find it weird it still happens in SP1, they should've fix it... maybe it's a problem from an antimalware program... =S


Nope, not a malware problem. Fresh, clean, new install Windows 7. Go to install Office 2007 and hangs. Open the TaskManager and right click on "SETUP.EXE" to stop the process and normal window pops up asking if I want to do it.

Yup, click OK and nothing. Only way is to reboot the machine.


You sure your pc has the specs to run Vista/7? You may be overloading it and it cant do anything

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