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Ghost 12 or Acronis 10 for Vista?

im sorry but what excactly is your question??

im assuming you are asking for advice on which one to choose so....

ghost is more reliable and has more options on which to do with our files but is $20 more exspensive!

both programs are compatible with windows vista!

post back if i dont not answer your question properly...


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Thats exactly what I wanted to know. Thanks.

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I have not used these programs before and was wondering if anyone could tell me how they actually work. I backup to my external. My c drive with all apps and os goes bad. Will I have to reinstall? Which backup is easier to use in an instance like this?

basically, you just backup your pc onto eathier a DVD, CD, or external harddrive

external harddrive is the quickest and most efficient way of backing up :)

but basically im not completely sure because i have not yet had to restore my computer.

but i think that you turn on the computer and when the bios starts just press f8 and it will take you to the options, then you can access the backup file from the dvd drive or harddrive and it will automaticaly reinstall the files for you :)

post back for any more questions :)