Hello, I'm fairly new to computers and i think i might have a virus, well actually i am pretty sure i do. I can't seem to open properties when i right click and i cant open my control panel, 2 error messages pop up, the same one. When i tried logging into a different user, i was able to open my control panel and right click properties but not in my administrative user. Can someone please help me with a detailed step by step way to get rid of this problem. thank you for your time =)

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Looks like you have solved the issue :)

Welcome to the siteI cannot open Property or Control Panel!

plz help me


i cannot open the my computer property i think there might be virus so could someone tell me what to do please and also i dont know much about computer so please tell me the easy way to fis this problem



There are modifications done to your computer which you are trying to access properties on My Computer.Someone might have done changes to Group Policy and you try to access GPEDIT.MSC and check for settings and if u see any changes related to settings then please do modify settings and try to access the same.

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