I work at a counseling office and they use a website called Xap.com. The actual website is control.xap.com. Anyways, on a certain computer in the office, internet explorer logs off of the Xap account. This happens every time you try to click on a tab or button while logged into the account. We tried multiple accounts on the same machine and all behave the same. The accounts work on all the other machines within the office, its only that one machine that is acting up. I tried other websites like DANIWEB and G-mail but both worked fine... as a matter of fact I'm on right now. Anyways, when I tried Hotmail the login page didn't load. It was just a blank page. The address was fine and everything but nothing loaded onto the page. The computer seems to be working fine in general its only this one problem for the online account and the Hotmail login page. If you could help in any way please let me know because I'm stumped. I've already tried changing the security settings for IE to match a machine that works fine.

Thanks for your time.

P.S. I've tried logging in to Xap.com and for every function it kicks me off. However, if I login again it takes me to the desired location but continues to kick me off for each function. It works but its a hassle having to login every time. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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It sounds like your cookies arent being saved on the problem machene....

GOto INTERNET OPTIONS and goto the privacy tab and see what your cookies settings are set at......


I have my 1st and 3rd party cookies set to PROMPT......

The ideal setting is to ACCEPT 1st party cookies and BLOCK 3rd party cookies.. (I just dunno if i wanna blindly accept all 1st party cookies (Sometimes while browisng i goto new sites and like being asked wheather i wanna accept thier cookies or not.))

Good luck!

Thanks for the help I'll give it a try

I hope it works out for ya :)