Well, this is what happened. I was downloading The Sims Complete Collection onto my computer and then it just stopped working so I just stopped in the middle of it and some how it installed and bunch of Sims but not completely and then I couldnt find it in my ADD/REMOVE FILES folder so I went to Search and just deleted all the stuff about Sims that came up and well, its still in the computer and wont let me install or uninstall it....all it says when it trys to re-install or uninstall it is the there is an unknown error encountered, aporting setup....I have tried everything I know I should do....does anyone have any ideas that could help me out???? I would appreciate it very much!!!!:cheesy:

Going into search and removing them from the may be the way to go. What are you using for your browser?

well, when I did that...(went to search) it deleted everything but the thing is it wont let me reinstall the game or uninstall the rest ya know???? What do you mean by what browser???

Your Internet Explorer is a browser. I had an incomplete thought about Firefox which is another browser you can use rather than IE. Firefox will hold all of your downloads until you clear it's history, I had thought you could try reinstalling it, but as I said...I didn't think it through, you did not get the entire download.

If this is still hiding out in temp files you may be able to get rid of it by running Ccleaner.

If this doesn't get rid of it the last resort would be to run highjackthis and post this in the Viruses, Spyware, and other nasties forum. Someone there should be able to guide you, this is not an area that I have experience in.

..me neither. All i can gather is that you were try ing to run an auto-installation download? And it jammed. Try doing a search in your C: drive for .msi files, see if you recognise one that is definitely related to your dl by name.
.msi are Windows Installer files....
And avoid that type of pgm installation...