my windows xp crahses all the time very frequently and i have know idea why.. like 3 times every 45 mins

any info would help, like did you install a new driver? new software? new updates?

(I personally recommend you switch to windows vista, i only had the blue screen come up like 2 or 3 times in the last 6-8 months, and that was because of a stupid game that game with vista. but i fixed it.)

well, i just got to college and had to install a bunch of stuff for their network like security updates and macafee virus protection like i have no clue what it could be... i was just hoping someone knew how to deal with this but im sure it could be any number of things

BSOD realtes to RAM, GFX card, or not enough power from what i have experienced.
What are your specifications? RAM, CPU etc.

cpu: AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4600+ (2.41GHz)
ram: 1 GB stick Ultra ddr PC3200
gfx: XFX nvidia geforce 7600GT 256MB
power supply: 350W
HD: 250GB

could be your registry is corrupt can u try and fix it and see what happens

What other components do you have in your PC? 350W PSU might not be big enough to handle all of your equipment, it then BSOD's due to lack of power. That could be the cause.

could be your registry is corrupt can u try and fix it and see what happens

how would i go about fixing my registry??

how would i go about fixing my registry??

Can you try entering in safemode to see whether you can go to scandisk or have a registry repair software which you can run.

Me i would use mini pe live cd as it has all the utilities neede to fix it or use UBCD(Ultimate Boot CD).

i've tried cleaning the registry and stuff but nothin worked... the blue screen finally stayed and the technical info was:
*** STOP: 0x40000080 (0x85c26130, 0x85c0b760, 0x85c26e58, 0x00000002)

0x40000080 indicates a hardware problem from my research,hard to trace what hardware is the problem . could be bad stick of ram or mismatched stick of ram,to check the hard drive stability boot to your winxp cd and do a R for repair , do a check disk , type this in the prompt ,note there is a space between the K and the /

troubleshooting stop errors .

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Does your motherboard have on-board graphics? A clash here is quite common.

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