please help|
I am no longer able to hear sound when playing DVD's (Intervideo DVD) or cd's with video ie on Wndows media player. The only sound we hear is an ordinary CD in windows cd player. We do not hear sound when starting up Windows or Chimes etc. I have tried following the advice on Help from windows but nothing seems to do the trick. I do not appear to have any drivers missing and have reloaded Windows 98 SE as well as updating windows media player. This is so infuriating so any advice would be greatfully received.

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double click the sound icon on task bar, go to the properties and make sure it shows all sound... now make sure everything is unmuted/turned up..

this is just a check i've known people who have turned somthing down before...

Thanks - have done this. Everything as it should be. Still no sound but thanks anyway

I have a similar situation which i just don't hear any sounds playing music or playing games. But I do hear the window greeting sound when starting up window. (it means my built-in sound card is still working??) I have heard suggestions that buying a new PCI sound card would solve but wondering what else cound have done?? :-|

try reinstalling Intervideo

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