I'm Lisa and I'm finding hard to know where to start - I need some help from anyone willing to help me and wondered where to go?

I'm unable to click on links or search online as I keep getting these messages - server error page cannot be displayed - I've tried amending my browser settings but not much is happening. Help me please??

Lisa :o

I would try posting a Logfile of HijackThis to "Microsoft Windows >Viruses, Spyware & other Nasties" page and ask for there help.


Download but do not run it till a moderator posts and helps you.

look up top of this browser for "tools"
open it up (click on it) next click "internet options".
look at the settings in the "security" tab.
make sure they are set so you can view web pages.

Moving this to the 'Browsers' section so that it can receive assistance.

What do I click on in the secuirty tab?



What do I click on in the secuirty tab?



when you click on the "security" tab you should see four icon's at the top.
click on each icon and set the slide bar to "medium" except the icon that says "restricted sites" set that high.
when thats done click on "ok" then log back on to the internet and see
if that helps.
also as advised run a spyware program you could have some spyware on you system that needs to be removed.

here are two that you can view and download "free"



see if thid helps