Kinda stumped on this one... I am a production manager at a custom metal fabricator, and we own a CNC Plasma Cutting machine from Kiffer industries in Ohio. Their Techs. have no clue what is wrong. Whenever the high frequency gives a signal for the torch to pierce through the material (metal) it some how freezes the computer screen up. The following message appears:
copyright c abbahome inc. dennis wu s12180927. After having researched this alot, I discovered it has to do with an Empeg bug. I need to know how to get this bug off of our computer. We even tried a whole new motherboard!
All this downtime of not being able to cut is costing us too much money in downtime. :mad:

If you have any solutions please e-mail my home account:

Deebs, is that computer part of the overall machine, a computer of your own which is somehow connected to it, or a completely unconnected computer which is nearby to it?

The advice you seem to have been given is bewildering. An MPEG is a video file! If you have a virus which has been introduced to the system because it was 'hidden' in a video file, then an AtiVirus scanning program would be necessary to deal with it.

I've found references to 'Abbahome inc.' which relate to cattle breeding, Auto and Real Estate Appraisal, and a few other things, but nothing which seems to relate to your equipment. Perhaps its simply related to the source of the 'Bug' that has intruded.

But whatever it is, it sounds like something which would necessitate the software installation on the hard drive of the computer to be cleaned up or reinstalled, not like something which would necessitate hardware replacement.

But perhaps I'm misunderstanding what you've said. You've not given a very clear picture of how that computer 'fits in', or what it is actually doing.

Ironically, I found out it was AC electrical noise and high frequency interfering with the keyboard; which, in turn, has been causing all the Freeze ups. The keyboard was acting as some kinda antenna that was opening up windows applications in the background. I noticed every time the plasma would fire, the num. caps. and scroll. L.E.D.s would flicker. Soooo... I simply unplugged the keyboard and havenot had a Freeze up since. Thanks anyway for the reply. Deebs.


This makes sense! Keyboard connections, either PS/2 or USB, are not well-shielded cables. Nor are mice cables. Because of the lack of shielding, your keyboard / mouse was receiving the interference from the machine, and that is bad. You did the right thing.

This is what all the FCC Part 15 warnings are about in the various user manuals. Your keyboard / computer has to accept interference from others, and would have to be shut down if it was causing interference to others.

If you really need a keyboard on this machine in the future, talk with an RF guy or an electrical house. You might be able to ground the interference out by running the cables through conduit or something similar to shield the cable. Or, consider an infared keyboard.