Hi there,
I need your help. My PC was running smoothly. I have removed ALL nVidia drivers (by mistake) using Add/Remove SW service in Control Panel (graphic, chipset, others ...). After that the Windows freezes after booting and Add New HW Wizard is on the screen. Unfortunatelly mouse and keyboard (both PS2) are not react (either Ctrl+Alt+Delete). In BIOS it works normally but after Windows booting (even in Safe Mode) the mouse (PS2) is dead. I am not able to install drivers back. Did anyone do the same mistake or can me help with how to push Windows to be able to repaire the system ? New Windows installation is only the last solution I would like to avoid. Thank you in advance.

Edit: Motherboard ASUS M2N32-SLI DeLuxe/ disc in RAID0
Windows XP Home Edition SP2

Edit2: Can a "Recovery Console" help me?
Should I install SCSI driver (F6) for RAID 0 again when Windows are booting from CD to use Recovery Console?


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I have this same problem. Did you ever repair? Or, did you need to reinstall?

Unfortunatelly I had to reinstall Windows. I did not find any other solution.
From the other hand my PC is again faster and cleaner :-)

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