Outlook Express wont send/receive messages sometimes. When i send a message window comes up and says 'Some errors occurred while processing the requested tasks. please review the list of errors below for more details'

Then it says 'Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Account:advice.a1grafters.com', Server:'smtp.hosts.co.uk',Protocol:SMTP,Port:25,Secure(SSL):No,Socket Error: 10053, Error Number:0x800CCC0F

Server is ok. I am on Broadband. My ISP is AOL. I am running norton antivirus, norton personal firewall, but i disabled both to check if outlook was any better but to no avail. smtp hosts is the name of the server at Simply.com who i have my website with.

Now this beats the lot of them. Sometimes it sends other times not. I have not got a clue and i really use outlook express a lot. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail. Any ideas You wizard?

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See now this is the problem. You need to have the smtp server of your ISP in all your accounts. Pop servers should stay the same.

See now this is the problem. You need to have the smtp server of your ISP in all your accounts. Pop servers should stay the same.

I dont get you pal. This is how my outlook account is.
General tab-

User info:

Reply Address: doug@a1grafters.com

My Incoming mail server: pop3
Incoming mail:(pop3):pop3.hosts.co.uk
outgoing mail SMTP:smtp.hosts.co.uk
Incoming mail server:
Account name:a1grafters.com_doug

Outgoing mail server box is ticked for my my server requires authentication

Connection is Lan

You are using the smtp server of your Web Hosting company. The traffic goes first through your ISP's servers. In your case you say it's AOL broadband.

To send e-mail outlook express uses a specific port no: 25. Any traffic through this channel goes to your ISP's smtp server.

Now that server can forward it or not to other smtp servers. Most of the time it will not forward it.

That's why I think it would be a good ideea to contact your ISP find what the name of their smtp server is and put that name instead of smtp.hosts.co.uk.

Thanks again gemini4, i'll get onto it today, Just cannot understand why it's ok for a while then i get this thats all.Any way i'll email them today. Bye the way you are always helping me out, Im a plumber so if i can give you any advice feel free to ask pal.Thanks again for your help and patience!


I hope it will work. Aol service is a little bit different so that's why it allows you to send but because your Web Hosting company's servers are further away than your ISP's servers I guess sometimes your computer doesn't reach them or your ISP's smtp server doesn't forward to them.

Thanks for the plumbing help offered too. I'll let you know if something comes up, by PM of course :)

You were right!(of course i hear you say!) I got onto my hosting company and they told me that aol have recently cleaned up their systems to stop allowing people to use their servers. Cheeky buggers i say cos i,ve been doing it for years now this. Any way i asked them for the name of their smtp server but they wont tell me. Looks like i'll be going elsewhere in march when my contract 's up with aol. I still get the odd email through on it but who knows how much work i've lost through not getting them all. Still thanks again mate


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