Hi there,

My wife has a calendar she likes to use, called the Hoops and Yoyo Fun Calendar.

She said it was working before on her home and work computer. It's basically a SWF file that plays on her desktop. Since We've moved and had to set up with a new cable internet company, the calendar has stopped working.

Please help, guys. She says it was something I did (Notably, that it ocurred when I installed Warcraft III on her computer for her)... I keep telling her that this is more or less impossible, but she's getting angrier and angrier and the conversations about it more and more shrill.

Any thoughts? Has there been a Windows Update that might have changed the ability to show flash content on the desktop?

Oh, and I also had to reinstall Internet Explorer 7 on her computer (which still says "RoadRunner Hi Speed Internet" at the top, despite the fact that we moved. (and yes, I've suggested Firefox but she's adamant about IE)

Repeat: All of this is my fault until we figure out otherwise.

Please Help!


Shockwave Flash Contents can taken on startup to load when OS starts but not on Desktop. Desktop supports till animation file such as .gif but not flash content.
If you still want to troubleshoot try google to find any third party software for .swf wallpaper.