Hi there,
Iv been working on computers for a few years now and i really wish i would have found this website alot sooner, anyways heres my Problem.

I have a older dell Dimension 4500S, Windows xp Professional SP2. That version of windows has been on this computer for 3 years, about a month ago microsoft flagged my computer and told me is was counterfeit. I can still log on and do normal process but i cant get updates(DUH). But the problem i have and cant seem to fix is that Internet explorer will not let me log into my email, I have a netpassport and msn explorer but i can not log in to that. Some webpages that i used to be able to veiw will not load.
What loads is "Internet explorer can not load page" It says im not connected to the internet but i can veiw a bunch of other pages just fine and my computer also says online and its sending and reciving packets and well im just not dumbh. Its just my Email which is a Hotmail/MSN account.
(Now i can log into my email from any other computer just not the Dell)
(I think it has to do with Microsoft Flagging my computer but if any one has any ideas that would be nice)
Thanks very much

You don't get to be a squillionaire by being nice. You can smile, but not be nice. M$ has burnt you. Call em. And get Mozilla firefox or Opera. Anyway.

Thanks i was thinking they were blocking me out thanks alot man.
I appreciate it.