Hello, 1st thread,

Surfing Amazon for DVD´s, was right clicking on ¨open in new window¨for multiple titles, now one of the windows wont close.

It minimises and maximises, but wont close and it doesnt show as an application when I open the task manager but the other windows do.

Not computer savvy which is why I registered here. Help! I dont know how to do the registry thing.

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Hello Dion,

Is this thread still needed?
After a reboot the ghost window should have gone away.
If it didn't or keeps happening, you may have a bigger issue.
A simple solution that we usually start with, is to disable third party browser extensions.

To turn of browser ext:
Open a browser window.
Click on Tools and choose Internet Options.
Click on the Advance tab and find the browsing section. (Should be the second heading you see).
Uncheck "enable 3rd party ext"
Restart and see if issue continues.

Worst case you need to reload Windows.
Hopefully someone with way more tech savvy can offer some advanced troubleshooting.

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