Using avast to scan my windows xp media centre laptop it tells me the system volume information on both C: (main) and D: drives is password protected. Anyone know why? Or if it matters?
And the two files listed on the screen dump are corrupted. Any takers on explaining? Do I need to worry?

Also, anyone know what the win32:Agent-AWB is? and how it appeared despite not being there when i installed daemon weeks ago?

edit: I found out about the Daemon and seems it's ok, as I didnt actually install the thing that carries the malware. It's gone now anyway. :)

System volume information is where System Restore etc... lives. Its restricted access but viruses can sometimes live in there. Looks suspicious to me.

Do you need your restore points? Might be worthwile disabling system restore (deletes all points so make sure your system works!!!!!) , reboot then reenable it. This will clear out any viri lurking in there

I did that, but havent reneable it. (3 diff machines, never worked, whats the point?) this time i just got the corruprted files message.

I have no idea how AV approaches scans of packed files.. CABs, RARs, ZIPs etc. But I would guess that it has to unpack em first, and so I am next guessing that your Windows Installer is a bit broken? Guessing.... SVI pword protected? Weird. Some things like Daemon tools you gotta tell your AV not to touch, cos it will break em for you.

how do i test the windows installer?

just try n update windows installer 3.0

there's a version 3.1 on the microsoft website, I guess that would be the update :)

Hey what is RCDsetup.exe anyway? It looks like it is the remains of some program that failed to install. I'd think you could probably safely just delete that stuff.. (You can always un-delete it via the recycle bin if you actually need it)

good point, josch. it's certainly a rare one. Actually, they're all unwelcome.

Ok, third ones gone as i emptied the temp folder. Screen dump of the locations of the 2 others. One looks like a floppy setup.. i dont have a floppy drive. and 98??? I bought the laptop in 06, having a creation date of 2004, ok i'll let that off (as thats the date on most of the other folders that came with it.)

Not sure if they shed any light on the puzzle.

hmm yea, I'd think you could safely delete those programs..