Imagine someone living under a rock on Mars for the past 10 years,well that be me.
My apology in advance if this has already bin done,but my eyes are to blurred to search further.

Prob:Thought I'd fix my slow noisey HD.Purchased a SATA HD.
Ok,wrong one,I hve ide connections........... (can't return sata)

Question: Can I just buy a sata to ide converter,then connect the sata to slave my ide? Then transfer my stuff to the sata then replace the old ide with the new sata?

Or do I just count my losses and buy another ide HD.
I have engineering background but just starting to play with computer internals.


Goldeagle is on the right track, but I would go with a converter that interfaces from the hdd directly to the IDE cable. I'm not suggesting this specific product, this is just an example.

Hey thanks for the reply!..... But I don't see any conncetions there that will match what I have.

I've seen a converter to suit,just need to know if I can use it in the slave position.

Yes on the right track dcc ...(not sure how your post got above my last)

So it's ok to connect to the slave ribbon?

just realized this topic should have bin posted in hardware

Get the PCI converter, connect up, leave the IDE HD set as master cos it is not important here, make a system partition [say 8 - 10GB for XP] on the SATA and mark as active, and install windows. [Or just do a fresh install and during setup make a windows partition on the SATA]. Copy your gear over and do what you will with the old IDE. Use it as a page file....
{the 8 - 10 GB windows partition? -you work out what you want as a setup.... windows in its own volume, apps in another, data in a third..?? Or as most do- one huge volume. c: rules...:rolleyes: }

With both hdds on the same IDE cable the sata will only run as fast as the ATA. I you wish to get the best performance you could use an external enclosure and use a PCI card like the one suggested previously. The inline converter is the least expensive means of doing this.

Thanks guys,that helps heaps.

I only speak one language,and some of that may as well have bin typed in french.
,lol. however I think I can translate.

Much appreciated

dont know if you know this, but you may sometimes need a floppy disk with SATA drivers on it when you install XP

Well I think you see the picture: you need a SATA interface one way or another.

I solved this in a brutal way: swapped the complete motherboard (no intention to make publicity), with that little extra functionality, which I found on eBay for 12 Euro !!!!

Some BIOS-es (e.g. Dell desktop) have options to control how the HDD are driven: at top speed, good compromise, or silent. It controls how 'vibrant' the disk heads move, and works amazingly well on one of my systems.