Can't get some applets to load and run on my P.C. I have Java Runtime 1.4.2_05 and Virtual Machine 1.4.2_05b04.
In Internet Options, Advanced Tab, I have Java (Sun) checked.
Under the Connection Tab, LAN Setting, I have the Automatically Detect Setting checked.
In the Java Plug-In Control Panel,Brouse Tab, I have Microsoft Internet Explorer checked.
And under the Proxies Tab I have the Use Brouser Setting checked.
When I test out the Java at there web site I get the little dancing logo, but says I need to update, then go to update and says I have the lattest version.
I have tryed to lower my secunity settings and turned my Firewall off.
On Web pages I just get a white box with a red X. No error message but at the bottom of the page it says Javascript:Void (Null)
O, and I'v tryed to unistall,reboot and redownload this thing at least 5 times.
I also have all Windows Updates. Running XPSp1
Any suggestions?

I just tryed Mozilla. Unistalled Java, reboot, install Mozilla, install Java, reboot. Same result. So this leads me to beleave it's not my brouser. I'v also checked for spyware with Spy Hunter, Ad-aware, Spybott, & Bazooka. All clean