I have world of warcraft installed on my computer and when I play it my computer turns off after about 15 minutes. I have checked the power options and nothing seems out of place, do you know why this is happening? By the way, I'm using an Acer Aspire 1801 Laptop, 40gb HD and 512mb DDR. Thanks, any help would be very much apriciated! :)

Is there a BSOD when your comp crashes, or just a power off?

If it is a power failure, good luck replacing the power supply or mobo in a laptop! :S

Otherwise, it might be overheating... have you cleaned out the inside of your laptop? Compressed air and other such tools are valuable for keeping my comp healthy!

If it is actually "crashing" I would check for driver compatibility issues first off!!! Do you have the newest drivers for all of your hardware? Have you installed windows updates?

If these are things you have checked then: what about spyware, viruses, fragmented harddrive, registry errors... If you need help diagnosing these... let me know.

Sorry if this doesn't help!

most likely overheating with a laptop, keep the fan clear. If it's on warrenty phone them up and get them to check it out.

I agree with everybody else about the overheating. When I got my laptop (I got it used from a friend), I had popped out the keyboard and removed many of the components and cleaned it out. Has been working fine since.

How do you pop out the keyboard?