ok i have a problem...i have windows xp and when ever i open internet explore it wont load any of the windows. and when i say wont load anything i mean it just sit there and does nothing. for instance if i type in www.cnn.com all it does is say opening www.cnn.com in the bottom left of the window. I NEED HELP BAD!!!!

More info would really help us:

- When did this start to happen? Had you added/changed any software or settings which might have caused the problem?

- What type of Internet connection are you using? Have you verified that your network card, modem, and any other network devices are all functioning properly and that your TCP/IP settings are correct?

- Have you checked your system thoroughly for viruses and spyware? Those mailicious programs can interfere with or "break" your Internet connectivity.

well i can still get online cause AIM still works so its not a problem with connections. i have and run adaware often but i dont know if that has anything to do with it. and it happened the other day when i accendently ended the ieexplorer.exe in the windows task manager. but i rebooted and it was working and now it doesnt.

Could be a DNS issue- can you reach sites if you put their actual IP address in IE's address bar? Try it with Google's IP:

Also open up a DOS box and type these two commands:

ping www.google.com

Let us know the exact results you get.

In terms of Spyware/Adware and the like, did Ad Aware find and fix things? If so, do you remember the names of any of the "nasties"? Some of the spyware programs out there can be very hard to remove entirely, and IE can sometimes get broken in the removal process.

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