Hello and thanks for being here so I may get some help!

I have a Toshiba laptop running windows 2000.
The problem is, I cannot access programs. When I click on "My Computer" I get a "Explorer has gennerated errors" error window.

This happens with all of the programs.
I'm in safe mode now so I could be here to post this message. In safemode all seem to run ok.
My outlook express doesn't work but most of the programs in safemode do work as far as I know.

I've ran spybot, CWShreder, Ad-aware, I've done online virus scans at symantec and a couple of others, I've done an online trojan scan....and they all say there is nothing.
However, my free version of AVG had been saying there was a virus "downloader.donn". But, like I said, all the rest said none :confused:

I have HijackThis but, heck I have no idea what I'm looking for...lol...

Please if anyone can let me know what may be going on or offer some sugestions, I would really appreciate it!

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go on over to the Security section of this Fourm and post you hijackthis log and we'll have a look .
PS: Dont post it it here .Thanks

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