Alright. this is one of the last problems with my new PC. Ever since i got the computer here, we installed a Driver and when i played games, random flickering went across the screen and sometimes it would freeze for a couple of seconds (the game) then continue then sometimes the computer would freeze so i have to restart it. it happens on the two games i have on the computer so far, Counter Strike: source and Quake Wars ET demo. The strange thing is the demo worked fine and everything before we put the drivers on. The graphics card is an nVIDIA GeForce 7800 GT. I am pretty sure the driver that we installed on that day was a Gigabyte audio one for the motherboard (GA-8n-SLI PRO) since then the games were doing all that weird stuff. So i got nVIDIA nTUNE and Gigabyte easy tune pro 5 think one of them might at least help me but so far no. Please help me, my system is so good for gaming its just these flashings and freezings that are stopping it from reaching its full potential as a gaming computer.