Don't know if these are related problems, but:

I have a Dell Dimension 4550. I connect to the Internet via AOL using Verizon DSL on my Windows XP operating system.

I have been getting an aol.exe bad image message for quite some time. The message said there was a problem with an installation diskette, so I reinstalled. The problem came back with the new version, so reinstallation did not work. As before, if I keep pounding on the message, it eventually goes away and I can connect.

Last night, I could not get on at all, and got a message to contact Verizon. They tried everything -- kept trying to get on through explorer -- and they finally gave up and said there was something wrong with my computer.

After they hung up, I went back to AOL and got right back on. No problem. This morning I tried to get on again and zippo. I called up Verizon again and nothing. However, the tech from last night set up a Verizon Online icon on my desktop, and when I clicked that first, I was able to get on. The tech on the phone seemed to think it was because I reset -- but I doubt it because I had reset before I called them and it did not work. When I clicked the Verizon Online icon it says I'm connected and THEN I got on via AOL.

Coincidence? Is it related to my aol.exe bad image problem?

Any help would be most appreciated.


The connection to the Internt via Verizon is back to normal. Turns out the first Verizon technician screwed up.

So it is unrelated to the Bad Image error. If anyone knows what to do about that one, it will be appreciated.

Thank you.