I am having a problem (Posted about it in security too) IE related?
OS 2K on a Toshiba laptop...the problem has been on going now for about 4 days....grrrrr!

When I try to open "My Computer" folder, it says "explorer.exe has gererated errors and will be closed by windows" This happens when I try to open any "folders" on my desktop

I can run programs that are on my desktop now...i.e...my ftp, photoshop, etc...
Even my email is working again (wasn't before) but, I still can't get into any "folders" on the desktop...when I try, I get the IE error, I click on "cancel" and then I have to restore my active desktop

Anyway, I tried to delete IE now and I cannot. (even in add/remove) it didn't uninsstall it

I have no more spyware, viruses and etc...that I know of anyway (My HJT is in securty forum now)

I just thought if I removed IE and did a reinstall, it might help (?)

I've ran every spyware checker (cept the bogus ones), I've done many online virus scans, CWShreder, posted my HJT....I've done just about everything someone could do...to no avail.

Does anyone know why this would be happening?

Oh, and one last thing. What is startnow - navagation helper?
That's a new thiing in my program menu

I have made an error...I said I could get under safemode, only I cannot.
I can get in using restore mode. It will not let me in under safe mode.
Now, that could be due to the fact I cannot get in as admin (can't remember the password)

In any event, I can do most things under restore mode...add remove programs etc...

I'm about to just trash this PC and move on to a Mac...lol...well, almost!