I can't defrag, error message says "drive contains one or more backup copies of FAT, the copies should be identical but aren't scan disk for errors but can't fix the problem, I haven't done any backups I wouldn't know how I can't Defrag and have re-formatted my hard drive twice but the problem remains,. What do you reckon I should do. Cheers!............Graham

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The FAT/FAT32 filesystems automatically create a backup File Allocation Table in case the primary FAT gets corrupted. Of course, as you're seeing, the implementaion isn't entirely perfect.

If a reformat didn't clear things up:

1. Get a bootable floppy with fdisk on it.
2. Boot from that and use fdisk to delete the existing partition entirely.
3. Reboot to write the changes to the partition table(s).
4. Use fdisk again to create a new partition.
5. Reboot again, reinstall the OS, and see if the problem is gone.


I your problem is can't defrag, just refer to pc health advisor, and it will show you. Can directly defrag your pc.
Everything happen in terms of defragmenting.

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