I am running a HP Pavillion a1150y desktop with Windows XP. I am using a wireless USB mouse/keyboard combo. I am also running Kaspersky Anti-Virus, with Proactive Defense and auto-start enabled.

I removed the USB device while my machine was running, and when I reinserted it, the Proactive Defense was activated, asking whether to allow or deny the device. I could not choose an option, as my mouse and keyboard were non-responsive.

I restarted the machine, and when the logon screen came up, same problem. Same problem in safe mode. The keyboard works when the machine first starts up, as I can get into the safe mode menu.

I was thinking of buying an old school mouse, but don't know if that would even work. Any suggestions?

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To get onto an even keel, I would at least put a wired device pair onto your PC using the PS/2 ports; these devices are cheap enough. Then look at Kaspersky options for dealing with Proactive Defense.

I don't think you'll want to go back to your original combination!

Good luck.

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